What Is Outbound & Inbound Telemarketing?

Types Of Telemarketing
January 20, 2018

Telemarketing, as the term suggests, is the way of using ‘telephone’ for marketing. A telephone is used to generate sales leads, close sales and gather the market information. It may also be used to spread your message across to the customers. From the past few decades, it has been the way to reach out to the prospective customers. Telemarketing is used by businesses of all sizes to reach out to existing customers and prospective customers without traveling. It performs the same function of door-to-door advertisement, but here the task is easy and hassle-free. By using a telephone, the seller can communicate information on products and services to increase sales. We can say that it is a very cost effective way of increasing sales and generating more sales leads. You may narrate a story about your products and create a great impression on others to affect sales. If the other person is convinced by what you are saying, he/she will move forward to make purchases. What matters here is the acceptance of the recipient. Telemarketing may be of two types, namely, inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing. By employing telemarketing, you may stay in touch with hard-to-reach customers.

What is inbound telemarketing?

Telemarketing is preferred by businesses at large since the cost associated with marketing your products and services is less. In fact, this sort of marketing is the useful way of reducing costs. It is proved that the cost of closing sales by using telemarketing is just 1/5th of the cost of sending a salesperson to your customers. Telemarketing is an efficient way of making more sales or closing sales, constantly following up with potential customers and nurturing leads. You may be wondering what is inbound telemarketing. It is the type of telemarketing whereby activities revolve around handling the incoming calls from customers using direct mail or inbound methods. Here the telephone calls are generated via broadcast advertising, catalogs, and direct mail. Orders are then taken for a wide range of items. Inbound telemarketing representatives do not need that much training as in case of outbound telemarketing. Since the customers have shown interest in the products and services by already calling the rep, there is no need for such trained reps.

What is outbound telemarketing?

Confused what is outbound telemarketing? Outbound telemarketing encompasses activities like giving calls to the potential customers or actively approaching the customers to close sales. Here a lot of training and skill is required from the side of a telemarketer who must be able to convince the customers about the benefits of the product. When it comes to outbound telemarketing, it involves the following:

  • Business to business telemarketing: In b2b telemarketing, the sales representative gives calls to businesses in order to offer the products and services. Businesses are also invited to events, meetings, conferences and seminars. Telephone is used as a medium to approach businesses to facilitate business transactions. It may also involve building rapport with the other business. B2b telemarketing is employed for customer retention, customer profiling, for lead generation, event telemarketing, following up for email delivered, etc. B2b telemarketing is really effective when you wish to target big selling figure or huge databases. The consistent services of professionals can help you attain qualified sales leads.
  • Business to customer telemarketing involves giving calls to the existing customers and potential customers to generate sales leads. It aims at selling products and services to those who are called. Here the salesperson solicits customers to make purchases of products and services. The mode of direct marketing brings a business in touch with prospective customers. If the customers show interest in the products but are unable to make purchases due to some reasons, the telemarketer will constantly follow-up or send reminders to the potential customer. It establishes direct communication between the seller and the buyer. Apart from convincing them to make purchases, the telemarketer may also give calls to the customers to get their feedbacks on the recently launched product. B2C telemarketing is the supporting pillar of outsourcing industry.
  • Offshore telemarketing service uses IP services and broadcast messages to spread a business message or promotional message about your company. It is cost effective to take up offshore telemarketing services for your telemarketing campaigns. If you automate the entire process of marketing, your customers can talk at their convenient hours.

The major benefit of telemarketing service

Whether it is inbound telemarketing or outbound telemarketing, both are beneficial. The best part of telemarketing is that human element is involved and so it is better than other direct marketing modes. As per the experts, if the telephone is used correctly, it is the most flexible and cost-efficient way of marketing. In fact, this medium of communication or marketing is statistically accountable. There is more chance of making sales when the communication is individual to individual.

Lead generation is the major benefit

Telemarketing gives businesses opportunity to create the list of prospective leads and then update that list to search for quality leads. With telemarketing, it is possible to screen those leads and then qualify them as per the priority. You may pass on the best leads to the sales force for action. This way, the sales force can also find key decision makers and schedule meetings. With telemarketing, you may get information about how accurate and effective your marketing campaign is. You may also know what the buyers are buying and what products they like.

Keeps your customers happy

As per the researches, the effort required to win a new customer is 5 times more than retaining an existing one. You may use telemarketing as the very facet of your customer service. It is the great way to keep your customers happy and enjoy repeat business. The advancement of technology also allows businesses to calculate the cost of telemarketing program and the benefits earned.

Outsourcing inbound and outbound telemarketing is far better than having your in-house team of telemarketers. You will save time, energy and money. Businesses can also gain access to expert telemarketers if they outsource telemarketing.

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