Why Should You Hire Offshore Telemarketing Services?
January 20, 2018
What Is Outbound & Inbound Telemarketing?
January 20, 2018

Telemarketing is the best way of direct marketing where a phone is used to market the products and services. Here the salesperson directly talks to the prospective customers and existing customers to arouse interest in the products on offer. He gives complete information on the products to increase sales of the company. On the other hand, there may also be the use of automatically generated recording which is played on the phone with the use of automatic dialing. When it comes to the types of telemarketing, they are usually of two kinds, namely, business-to-business telemarketing and business-to-customer telemarketing. But, apart from these two, there are some subcategories as well.

Other subcategories of telemarketing

The first and foremost subcategory in the types of telemarketing is lead generation. Here the business or telemarketer talks to the potential customer and discusses out the items on sale. Lead generation involves convincing and persuasion to affect sales. It is not necessary that the generated lead will convert into sales. Lead generation is gathering information. Apart from lead generation, the most widely known subcategories of telemarketing are inbound and outbound marketing. In the outbound telemarketing, the company makes a call to the potential customers to promote the products. It is proactive marketing whereby the existing customers and potential customers are contacted directly to talk about the products. Inbound telemarketing is different from outbound telemarketing. It is more about answering to the queries of customers on phone whereby the customers make calls to the telemarketers to learn about the products. It also includes a reaction of the customers or their feedbacks on the previous orders. They talk about the quality of products and how would they want the product to improve. Customers may also give information on the kind of products they are interested in.

Why is it important to outsource business-to-business telemarketing?

The fact is universally acknowledged that business-to-business telemarketing is the great way to boost revenue for the company. The best part of b2b telemarketing is that it may apply to any business, any industry, and product. There are those businesses that spend a lot of money and resources to generate qualified leads. Among all types of telemarketing, business-to-business is the most affordable, effective and profitable. Here you have the benefit of personalizing the kind of leads you want for your business. If you are selling Air Conditioner, you may take up AC telemarketing services. The cost of business-to-business telemarketing is very affordable, and the investment is worth considering. The investment you make for b2b telemarketing will be nothing in front of the net profit you make. When it comes to sales leads, you will always enjoy plenty of them. It may happen that your in-house staffs do not have a good communication skill or they have no time to sell or market products via a telephone. If your staffs are very busy managing core areas of the business, you must take up professional services. Professional telemarketers do not only know how to convince the other person on the phone but also they can schedule appointments or lead people to set appointments, constantly follow up with the potential customers. This is the reason why business-to-business telemarketing works so much. You will rescue your staffs from this tedious work of telemarketing and also enjoy quality leads to increase sales and profit for your company. Professionals will track results and improve the system. Without proper tracking, you cannot ever say what is right or what needs improvement.

Business to customer telemarketing can expand your business

For any business to survive, it must have an uninterrupted flow of sales leads. Only when the sales leads are more, the company can close more deals. B2C telemarketing is a popular way of attaining more sales leads and any business having higher aspiration cannot ignore its potential. As there is too much competition in the business landscape, businesses cannot sustain any new milestone for long. If any business fails to promote its products and services in the right manner, it will miss out on significant profits. B2C telemarketing or business-to-customer telemarketing is a fabulous way to expand one’s business and customer base. It is also a cost-effective way of increasing customer base.

Business-to-customer telemarketing caters to audiences worldwide

With the great advancement in telecommunication and information technology, a customer is not restricted by geographical boundary anymore. Since customers are spread all across the globe, it is up to the business to decide how to reach them. Without reaching the respective target market, it is not possible to increase sales or create a buzz about the item. While there are so many ways of reaching out to the potential customers and existing customers, no other way can beat business-to-customer telemarketing. The cost-effective mode of marketing can help you reach out to a greater number of audiences. It will also give an opportunity to explore the remote markets. B2C telemarketing services can benefit your business to the utmost extent.

You may outsource telemarketing services

Both B2B telemarketing and B2C telemarketing may be outsourced to some other company. With the advent of the internet and offshore marketing companies, it is now possible to outsource telemarketing services. By doing so, you may target exactly your niche market while also save costs on telemarketing. The offshore company can do entire marketing at a fraction of the cost than what you need to spend when having your in-house team of marketers. The professionals will adopt time-tested and proven techniques to reduce the operational costs.

There is more scalability

B2C telemarketing is popular due to scalability. As B2C telemarketing service is scalable, you need not be concerned about the size of the advertising campaign. Whether the telemarketing project is small or large, easy or difficult, the offshore company will handle all. B2C telemarketing will help you to accomplish your business goals and objectives.

Marketing your products and services will increase your sales and the best way of doing that is business-to-business telemarketing and business-to-consumer telemarketing. Both types of telemarketing are meant for businesses of all sizes whether large or small.

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