How To Hire Right Telemarketing Agency?

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January 4, 2018
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January 20, 2018

It is daunting to entrust your business to someone you have never worked with. Telemarketing in the current times is a difficult job. It is not easy or feasible to make bulk calls to your prospective customers, and so it is important to look for a reliable and trustworthy telemarketing agency. When you are hiring services of a telemarketing company, the other company is representing you in front of your prospective customers. Thus, you need to be careful about your choice. The entire reputation of your company relies on the work of the telemarketing company. Most of the telemarketing agencies sound extremely convincing and will talk to you in a polished manner. Talking in a convincing tone is actually what they do, and that is what lies at the heart of their work. But, before you ask a room full of strangers to make calls on your behalf, you need to look for certain signs and ensure that the decision you take is the right one.

Basic tips for hiring telemarketing agency

You must look at the capabilities of the company around technologies, data, and people. If you get call lists from the agency, you must discuss out the quality of calls that will be made. When you approach a telemarketing agency for services, you will get the list of callers who will make calls on your behalf. It will be your job to ask how they are fit for your buying profile and what knowledge they have in the products you sell.

Ask about the technology

The telemarketing company you decide to work with must use a sound infrastructure to deliver services. It should make use of only advanced technology that is latest in the line. The use of right technology will allow the telemarketers to work efficiently. Technology should be integrated, and the team must have experience in telemarketing.

Who will make calls?

Carefully monitor the list of callers you get and ask as many questions as possible. The ones who represent your company or make calls to promote your products should be efficient, smart and experienced in work. They must be capable of leaving a fabulous impression on others.

Enquire about the past clients who received services

A good telemarketing firm will be completely invested in the success of the client, and do its best to accomplish the goals of the client’s business. In fact, a reliable telemarketing agency must try and build a long-term relationship with the customers. It is important to get the names of the past clients who were served by the company and ask for how long they took services. Get to know about the number of repeat customers the company has. There are some companies that factor repeat business into the bonus scheme of agents. It will be better to go for such a company.

Pay-per-lead is not the best business model

Do not think that pay-per-lead is the best business model since they may not be quality leads to increase sales. Rather than the quantity of leads you get, you should focus on the quality of leads. It is not good to choose an agency charging rates as per the number of leads generated. This is because such company will simply focus on the number of leads rather than the quality of leads. A lead is of no use if it cannot convert into sales. The company must offer best possible results to its clients to be able to retain the client.

What is the experience?

A company having no experience in telemarketing is not good for anything. Do not focus simply on the rates and end up choosing an inexperienced company. The company you choose for telemarketing services should bear extensive experience in the field, or else you must just walk away and look for some other company. The firm should have solid experience in this field.

Visit the website of the company

Before taking the services of any telemarketing firm, it is mandatory to visit the website of the company. Apart from this, you must also visit the site personally to check the call center atmosphere. This way, you may also learn about the infrastructure. You may talk to few agents and also listen to them when they make calls. You will get an idea about the kind of service you may get.

Questions you must ask from a telemarketing agency

When it comes to outbound marketing arsenal, the phone remains a valuable tool. It is important to deploy telemarketing and make it the part of your sales campaign. The first and foremost question you must ask is:

  • What is the volume of calling and what is the rate of conversion?

You cannot take service from any random talking shop. Talk about the quality of calls that will be made and what are the chances of conversion. Remember that a lead is fruitful only when it converts. So, the quality of the call is essential. Check their data to learn about verticals and industries. The size, the location and the revenue enjoyed by the company equally matters.  The agency you choose must have companies on the call list having sufficient budget to avail your products. Telemarketers must also know who decides on buying the products and services. The companies should have enough resource to buy your items.

  • Who will make the calls?

You may meet some of the telemarketers who will make the calls. They should be professional, smart, personable and authoritative as well. They should be able to connect with your prospective customers.

  • What industry regulations and standards you follow?

The company you choose for making calls should comply with industry standards and regulations. Get to know about their best practices when it comes to telemarketing.

  • Can you provide me references?

If the company is confident about itself and offered outstanding services in the past, it will provide you with client references. You may get in touch with the clients to learn more about the services.

Collect as much information about the company as possible. You must also inquire about the percentage of leads that may convert into final sales.

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