Lead Generation

Lead generation program can allow you identify businesses and residents that are your best potential customers or prospects. It also allows one to discover concerns, questions, and objections from different prospects. Lead generation is that powerful tool which may allow one to qualify prospective in the best manner. Thus, the salespersons belonging to a company are not wasting time. There is no need to have your in-house team of highly paid salespersons when we are there. Lead generation may be cost-effectively and easily outsourced to the telemarketers at Telemarketing Base. Our lead generation experts employ state-of-the-art technology and tools to deliver you the best. They can generate quality leads for you. On the other hand, your salespersons or employees may do other tasks and may be saved from lead generation works.

Why choose us?

Being one of the best lead generation telemarketing companies, we are preferred by many due to following reasons:

  • We work hard and in close association with you to deliver value for money. Our experienced team work along with business development team just to ensure that the telemarketing projects we execute simply wow and delight
  • Our outbound telemarketing team is highly efficient to deliver services of world-class nature. Such services deliver best quality leads via SLA or Service Level Agreement and through traditional lead generation. If you want to learn more about our telemarketing programs, you may choose us now.
  • With us, you can also turn on or turn off any lead generation campaign. If any telemarketing campaign is not working for you, very soon we will make adjustments to it. The process is very fast and does not need any effort from your side
  • By outsourcing lead generation to us, you may remove your liability or financial outlay of hiring extra employees. When you outsource to us, you need to pay only for the works we do or services you take. It brings about significant cost savings.

Our experts are aware of the ways of penetrating the screen, getting a decision maker over the phone, probing and generating interest. Experts at our end can ask the right questions to find who the best prospects are.

How do we function?

When it comes to outbound telemarketing and our telemarketing efforts, the entire process is broken down into two stages:

  • We make calls to your list of potential customers, create lead reports and BI and then hand over the report to your sales team for follow-up. Here we will give you an estimate of the number of leads that may be delivered to you as per the list size. We also give an estimate of the number of passes on the list of products and services for which we call about. Such a campaign will be priced on the basis of some passes into the contact list.
  • Conference call set up a program to generate a guaranteed number of leads. With every conference call, we generate leads. Whenever possible, we will make arrangements for call set up for making conference calls. Our team makes conference calls to your prospective customers. Here we deliver guaranteed leads through conference calls.

Lead nurturing and progression

We at Telemarketing Base not only provide you lead verification or lead validation but also we deliver outstanding lead progression services and lead nurturing services. At our firm, we understand that not every lead generated may be followed up. Despite so much effort, there will be some leads that are left behind. On the other hand, sales team does not have sufficient time to attend to early-stage leads. This is why we have a team of consultants and specialists for lead progression and pipeline management. They may attend to every early-stage leads for progression and nurturing. Our in-house technology sales team can move your qualified leads through RFP/Proposal. We at Telemarketing Base work along with such companies that conduct businesses by maintaining current accounts. We have seen that such businesses allot substantial time to only those customers who are ready for the proposal. Our professionals take the ownership of the leads down to the sales cycle and nurture it till the time it is needed. We can progress those leads to the final sales stage. We first understand your needs and then develop a powerful lead generation solution whereby we ask much better qualifying questions. You get a clear understanding of your prospective customers and know their budget, need, authority and time frame.

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Telemarketing Base has decades of experience in telemarketing and call answering. We can hold conversations around the IT environment for a long time. Our professionals know how to generate customer interest regarding your products and services. Leads are created for various purposes like preparation of e-newsletter lists, for list building and for generating quality sales leads.

Our multichannel solutions can help you to drive targeted leads to the sales team. To get a free consultation, contact us now.