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If you are an online business, generating high quality and qualified business leads is important for business growth. It is true that digital channels can deliver leads in great quantity, but it is only telemarketing which assures high quality. Telemarketing Base is the leading provider of telemarketing services and customer relations managerial services. Having decades of demonstrable experience in rendering desirable business outcomes across the various industries, we offer best-in-the-class inbound marketing and outbound marketing services. If you want to outsource web-enabled services, you may get in touch with us. With the overall strength of more than 1500 qualified employees and having international and national offices in India, USA and UK, we are known for outperforming the committed service levels and doing best to benefit our clients. We can improve your bottom-line and assure your growth. We partner along with our clients and even function as the extension of their business to deliver maximum value. Till now, more than 1000 clients have benefited from Telemarketing Base on a global scale.

How can we promote your business?  

In this digital era, telemarketing is an easy and swift way to reach out to the customers. It is time-saving, money saving and also convenient. You may outsource telemarketing work to us, and we can do it on your behalf. We have the entire team of telemarketers to promote your brand. We can do the following for you:

  • If you are launching a new product, we can help with a new product launch. This means that you need not acquaint others regarding your products and services. You do not have to wait until the time people understand your brand.
  • With event organization and event managerial services, a huge number of people can know about your products.
  • We deliver services to financial institutions whereby bank and other institutions may acquaint their prospective customers with the products and services. We can update your customers on the latest facilities you have.
  • We cater to travel company, charitable organization, political campaigns and the manufacturers of home-based products.

Our telemarketing company can help you reach out to even the distance audiences. We will contact your customers on your behalf and increase the business.

Our core expertise

Being the leading telemarketing company, the expertise of Telemarketing Base lays in the following areas:

  • Lead Identification and Lead Qualification: After identifying a lead or prospect, we tend to pass that lead through a qualification process. This is done by using budget, needs, authority, and timeline criteria to develop sales-accepted leads or SALs. They are then routed to a sales representative for further follow-up. Some of the key requirements for attaining a successful KPI are script changes, mock role play, data extraction, and training.
  • Tele nurturing: Here we give more time to potential customers who require more time to take a purchase decision. We tend to re-engage warm customers. With the BANT criteria, we re-qualify customers by focusing on their timeline, needs and nurture them for the period to lead them to purchase decision. Some of the pre-requisite for this tactic is script modification, long-term engagement with the potential customers or extracting their contact history.

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  • Setting up appointments with potential customers: After understanding the needs of the customers, finding potential leads, we schedule an appointment with the contacts and the sale representative. There is an immediate follow-up, and sales-accepted leads are routed to sales.
  • List building: We will build the list of your priority companies with web researches. During this process, we use both social sites and make free website research.
  • Contact Enrichment: Contact enrichment is conducted by verifying the contacts acquired by way of tele-searches and web. We make sure that the information is accurate and the contact is valid.
  • Making opt-in calls: For all relevant regions, we make opt-in calls to assure that customers are willing to take calls. We make the campaign calls only after sending emails to the prospective clients. Those contacts that engage the most with us are called.
  • Follow up calls: We make follow up calls straightaway to the clients who show great interest in your business.

Telemarketing Base is the demand generation telemarketing company helping organizations worldwide to improve sales processes, bring in more leads and grow revenues. We do big things for big companies out there. Contact us now to learn more.

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