B2C Telemarketing Services

Business-to-customer telemarketing is all about calling the customers personally to sell the products and to gain their participation or provide the customer service. Being a reputed telemarketing firm, we at Telemarketing Base offer error-free and high-quality B2C telemarketing services to the firms or companies across the globe. With our outstanding approach, informed and well-defined strategy, professional staff members, we let telemarketing solutions work for you. In fact, telemarketing services are the key outbound services delivered by professionals at Telemarketing Base. Being an excellent telemarketing outsourcing provider, our professionals can deliver value and boost your sales and profits. With us, you can increase customer satisfaction, skyrocket sales and profit.

Why choose us?

Telemarketing Base should be your first choice for B2C telemarketing services. You must choose us for the following reasons:

  • We are capable of offering our clients such programs that can improve your service and also generate revenue.
  • At Telemarketing Base, we offer a plethora of B2C telemarketing services including order taking, up-sell, cross-sell, dealer recruitment, profiling customers, lead generation, and lead processing and catering to fresh product launches
  • We have a team of excellently motivated and experienced phone agents who strive to serve you as your marketing department. They attract more prospects for you and help in cross-selling, up-selling, managing assigned territories
  • Our team of phone agents has a great level of technical acumen to gain market intelligence. This is done by probing the needs and interests of customers and thus offering apt benefits
  • All our business-to-customer telemarketing services and programs are monitored to identify various shifts in market trends. The B2C telemarketing programs are adjusted as per the current changes in the market and adjusted. This is done to ensure continuous results and consistent quality of service delivery.
  • We have account managers and quality assurance personnel to monitor the work of every sales personnel. All our sales agents or telemarketers are required to comply with SLA when it comes to service delivery.

Whether you are willing to re-engineer existing sales and marketing operation or willing to start a fresh customer service department, we are there to partner with you. Being an excellent telemarketing service and outsourcing provider, we can boost your profit value in the business. Our pricing is also affordable, and we are now offering attractive discounts on our services.

How can we benefit you?

In this recessionary time, businesses need to stay competitive. This may only be attained by growing consistently. Although it is tough to attain consistent growth, as a business, you cannot lose hope. When your basic requirement is to grow your business to survive in this competitive landscape, b2c telemarketing services is your only option. If you want to reduce operational expenses, you can outsource b2c telemarketing to professionals at Telemarketing Base. But, business process outsourcing has much more to offer than simply bringing about cost savings. With us, you may create more and more opportunities for affecting sales. We may market your products and bring them in front of your prospective buyers and clients. At our company, we focus mainly on lead generation opportunities to create opportunities for real sales. Telemarketing leads that we generate are categorized as ‘dormant,’ ‘probable’ and ‘active.’ By doing such categorization, we help you to save a lot of energy and time. You may simply focus on those who may buy items from you.

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We at Telemarketing Base understand your business

With the business ethos and outsourcer mirror, we understand our commitment and business proposition to treat each customer with equal respect and courtesy. We are here to deliver improved efficiencies. If you are wondering how to increase customer satisfaction or enjoy significant cost savings, then you need not worry anymore. We at Telemarketing Base understand very well that handling all your contacts on your own is tiring and daunting. Our experts understand your concerns as they have decades of experience in planning, implementing and managing customer management businesses of blue-chip companies. The team of b2c telemarketing experts at our end will associate with you closely and invest time to comprehend the nature of your business, its goals and objectives. After getting complete information on your business and understanding what you are looking for, we will prepare a structured plan for account implementation, a blueprint for making improvements and they will be measured by key performance metrics and agreed service levels.

We hold great confidence in delivering world-class services as we are aware of core principles to contact center in the right manner. We have the right people, the right processes, and the best technology in place to make this happen. Experts at Telemarketing Base have great knowledge in using all three together to deliver as per the expectations of our clients. Telemarketing Base delivers an entire range of customer contact solutions, intelligent customer contact assistance and services within customer service environment and sales environment. We have skills, proficiency, and experience in handling customer contacts. We make sure that your customer contact is handled in an efficient and best manner. When we contact your prospective customers, we are mindful of the fact that we represent your company. Thus, we deliver the best.