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If you are the owner of a business, looking to increase sales by talking to other businesses, you have to pick a phone to talk to others. The chief aim of B2B telemarketing is to generate the list of targeted customers. The contact-specific list is well thought-out and has the names of only those businesses that are there in your field, and from whom the company can benefit. They are such businesses identified by telemarketers that need products and solutions you offer. When compared to telemarketing as a whole, B2B telemarketing has a more focused approach. B2b telemarketing is concerned with high-value products or services, and here the lead is generated business-to-business. Telemarketing Base can assist you in B2b telemarketing and help you invite your prospects, your clients to various companies’ events, meetings, conferences, forums through business-to-business telemarketing services. Through our B2b telemarketing services, we can help you improve relationships with businesses via personalized contacts.

In this competitive landscape, B2b telemarketing outsourcing is a fabulous way to improve business relations. Nowadays, offshore B2b telemarketing services are availed by many businesses since it helps to build a much stronger network or make efficient use of existing resources. On the other hand, phone invitations are best for corporate events.

What can we do for you?

At Telemarketing Base, we do the following:

  • making announcements on important or vital company news
  • We can create awareness about your products and services. Businesses can come to know about your latest launches.
  • We send reminders on appointments and meetings scheduled.
  • following up with businesses for future events

How can we benefit you?

With our B2B telemarketing services, you may gain the following benefits:

  • B2B telemarketing is an outstanding means of communication delivering significant results. We can produce real-time results by making calls.
  • We will send timely reminders to your prospects and clients so that they sit up or take notice of your brand. With timely reminders, it gets easier to attract attention
  • B2B telemarketing allows one to make optimum use of the database. You may utilize your database in the best possible manner to build sustained relations.
  • We can grow your business with tailor-made B2B telemarketing

You may not know that all successful businesses make use of business-to-business telemarketing to increase their reach and grow their business. When we are there to help you, there is no need to wait for prospective clients to find you. We can target hard-to-reach decision makers in the big organizations.

Our core expertise

With our range of B2B telemarketing services, you may boost your sales in a variety of ways. Some of the services you may expect from Telemarketing Base are:

  • Scheduling appointment for a face-to-face meeting
  • making conference calls or telephone calls
  • Online webinars and live online demos
  • Booking places to host seminars, meetings, conferences and other events
  • We follow up with the attendees that have visited exhibition stand recently
  • Following up on the email-shots or direct marketing emails
  • Renewal of membership and subscription
  • Up-sell products and services by contacting your current customers
  • To regenerate interest of lapsed customers, we contact them again
  • enhancing and boosting your present sales team

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We create conversations rather than simply the scripts

Decision makers who are of director level cannot get sold by artificial sales scripts or sales materials. We at Telemarketing Base create conversations rather than coming up with sales scripts. Through our impressive conversations, we have delivered fresh business appointments to a lot many companies and renowned brands. Our best quality telemarketers become the part of your sales team to attract the maximum leads for you. By having peer-to-peer conversations with your prospective clients, our telemarketers build rapport with them and also positively represent your business. Our telemarketers can present your business in such a manner that prospective clients take an interest in you. Regular reviews and a powerful customer relationship management system allow our customers to attain in-depth report on the progress of b2b sales campaign. At Telemarketing Base, we even record calls and thus use them during appointments with our clients.

We are an established telemarketing firm having years of experience. We generate growth for businesses of all sizes and across the globe. We are here to deliver only best quality leads that will produce finest results. They are sure to convert. Your business is sure to grow with our excellent solutions and vital leads.

If you are already doing telemarketing and are not getting results, it implies you need expert services. We can also provide training to your existing staffs in telemarketing. At Telemarketing Base, our mission is clear-cut. By generating realistic and qualified leads for sales professionals, we can fill your pipeline. We are proud of our team of telemarketers who are qualified, proficient and highly motivated in what they do. They generate potential leads for you that will convert to ultimate sales. Our mode of operation is very much different from others. So, get in touch with us to attain a free price quote.

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